Human Resources Consultation

Hiring Decisions

The staff of the Center for Human Potential can help screen potential employees and can help with the delineation of the characteristics that an employer is seeking for a particular position.

Reducing Turnover

Identifying and addressing the factors that cause employees to leave the company can reduce costly rehiring and retraining. Unplanned and unwanted turnover can reduce the company's effectiveness and its bottom line.

Conflict Resolution

The personal characteristics that people bring to their jobs can lead to differences of opinions and sometimes personal conflicts. When conflicts exist among people who have to work together, these conflicts can interfere with the company’s progress and success.

Through the use of conflict resolution, co-worker problems can be defused; freeing the employees to achieve their potential.

Team Building

Having meaningful interpersonal relationships in the work place can help with job performance and satisfaction.

Team building activities with employees can increase the quality of relationships between co-workers and can improve efficiency by building trust and reducing miscommunication.

Team building can also increase the investment employees have in seeing their co-workers, and the company, succeed. Team building can be done on-site or at a location designed to facilitate a change in perspective.